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      “Natural is no longer niche”

      For a few weeks last year, my photography studio in Montreal was filled with the most delicious aromas. Rose, lavender, tulsi, hibiscus…. It was intoxicating. During this time, I had the absolute pleasure of doing Product Photography for Apoterra, in Montreal.

      Apoterra is a lady startup, skincare company, founded by Montreal born aromatherapist and herbalist, Dominique Caron. It’s an all-natural skincare brand with beautiful, strong values, which is part of the reason it was such a joy to work with them. They have a passion for the environment, animal rights and human rights.

      Skincare products on white background with glass and summer hat in photo. Picture taken by Montreal Photographer.

      Dominique advocates for a life in conjunction with nature, as well as practising a plant-based approach for skincare. I first met Dominique when she was heavily pregnant with her second child. I had the honour of photographing her and her growing family then. Following this, we decided to team up to do our first Apoterra product shoot. I vividly remember how impressed I was as I watched her direct the shoot, whilst breastfeeding. Talk about #ladyboss vibes! The hard work and determination of this super mum and business owner is truly inspiring.

      Product photography of face mist by Apoterra in Montreal.
      Beauty products photographed with vibrant background colours. Picture taken by Montreal photographer.
      Beauty product photographed with vibrant background. Picture taken by Montreal photographer.
      Woman photographed using a beauty product in Montreal.
      Skincare product on lady's face during photoshoot in Montreal.
      Picture of three skincare products taken during product photography for Apoterra.
      Picture taken by Montreal photographer of skincare products made by Apoterra.
      Product photography of skincare oil, for Apoterra in Montreal.

      My Favourite Apoterra Products

      A huge perk to this job was that I was able to sample most of Apoterra’s products. I can say without a doubt, they’re all heavenly. Below are some photographs of my favourites. 

      Pot of skincare cream photographed in Montreal.

      The Rose + Violet Leaf Body Butter. This stuff just melts into your skin.

      Skin care product with two tone beige background. Product photography taken in Montreal.

      Gua Sha, an ancient Chinese facial massage used to stimulate the body’s lymphatic system.

      Herbal skincare photographed in Montreal.
      Herbal skincare product photographed in Montreal.
      Herbal face steam photographed by Montreal photographer.

      The Herbal Detoxifying Steam with Flowers and Cleansing Herbs is the ultimate destresser.

      In addition to working with Dominique, I had the pleasure of working with two other incredible female creatives, Lea Berger of Berger Studio and Lisa Yang. Both wonderful, creative stylists. 

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